Homework is easy.  If you  are a teacher, give your class more homework.

Homework is easy because third grade is the easiest grade in the world.  I already know this stuff because I learned algebra in 1st grade at Montessori School of Louisville.  Spelling is easy because  you copy it down on a sheet.  We don’t even have gifted homework.

The only homework that is hard is science because it’s longer and you have to write more sentences.  You have write stuff you read in the book about pollution.  If I were the Homework King, I would throw it out and do science, rather than write.

I like social studies because you learn about people.  Social studies is easy because you don’t write as much.

Writing is a little hard, too because you have to write a lot of words, a lot of adjectives and a lot of nouns.  We don’t have writing homework.  If we did, it would probably be the only homework that’s hard.

If my teachers gave me more homework, I would want all of the subjects.  I want harder homework.  I want it to be challenging.

The whole point of this blog is to have harder homework.  I really do want it.

p.s. Miss H., I’m going to vote for you for Sumo Wrestling!


About My Cat

My very, very fat cat is the prettiest, most chubbiest cat in the whole wide world.

She’s almost 4.  Cats get old at the age of 10.  They die at the age of 14.  We have about 10 years until she passes away.  I’ll be just moving out of the house and driving to Georgia Tech with a new cat.

If you look at her very closely, she looks like a pumpkin.  For Halloween, she should have been a live pumpkin.  She’s on a diet food to make her thinner, which makes her hungry.  She meows all night long.

She’s a calico cat with blue eyes.  She used to be white with black dots. Now, she’s white with dull lines of black and beige.

She cares about me because I torture her all day but she still comes to my bed and sleeps with me.

About Myself

I, Ray, am 10 years old.  Not really- I’m really about 9.  8 and 3/4 to be exact.

I love dogs because they’re so fluffy and like a stuffed animal.  I have a dog named Bailey who is soft and cuddly.  When I cuddle her, I fall asleep.

I love cats because they are like a tiger and they are fierce.  I have a cat that is a fat tiger- obese.  Obese is one of my Wordmaster words in Gifted.

I was going to share my story but my tutor had a death in the family.  This week he had another death.  He should just leave his tux on.

Let me tell you a joke:

Q: What do you call a chubby kitty?
A: A fat cat!

Q: What do you call a cat who works out?
A: A Fit kit!

I got that one from the internet at catjokes.com

Peace out, y’all- (Georgia accent)!